A challenge we’ve faced in the past while marketing Nexsys is that not every client has the same needs. A ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t practical when trying to promote the platform, and we’ve found that the effectiveness of each selling point varies by lead.

So what’s the solution? I had been playing around with the idea of a modular print piece – something where we could swap content in and out so that it’s relevant to individual leads.

For the past few years, Nexsys has had a presence at the Mortgage Banking Association’s Annual Convention & Expo. Whether it be a sponsorship, cocktail hour, booth in the exhibitor hall – we’ve been there. Around a month before this years MBA Annual in Denver, I floated the modular print piece idea to my team leader, Terry. Our last print piece had been in circulation for some time, and I thought the convention provided a good a time as any to refresh our marketing offerings with a new print piece.

He okayed it, and I was off to the races.

The base piece measures 10×7″ with a single fold that runs adjacent to the long edge, bringing the folded final product to 5×7″. It also features a 2.5″ vertical pocket to hold four inserts of varying sizes. The inserts are each around 6.75″ in height and range 3-4.5″ wide, creating a stepped effect when placed within the base’s vertical pocket. Everything was printed digitally on a standard bright white cover stock.


Much like our previous Nexsys brochure, I wanted a high level of tactile contrast. Areas of the layout that featured excessive whitespace were hit with a soft-touch laminate. The soft touch laminate has become a staple in our Nexsys brand – it just feels crisp and clean, and its matte finish provides a perfect base to achieve the contrast we look for.


To contrast the matte cleanliness of the piece’s whitespace, we applied a high gloss effect to heavily color saturated areas of the layout, which was done by applying a transparent gloss foil.


Keeping with the goal of this being modular, we opted to be more conservative with the finishes on the inserts. To facilitate a simpler process when we order further inserts with differing content, we just went with the soft touch lamination.


I also used the opportunity to work PANTONE 425 more prominently into the piece. It’s always been a part of our visual brand, but prior to this piece was used almost exclusively as the color for body copy. I like our dark gray – it deserves some love too.


Project copywriter: Devin Turner

Printed by Behrmann Printing