Nexsys Website Pages

At the time of this writing, I’m spearheading the beginning phases of a brand overhaul for Nexsys, which includes a total makeover of this website. Long story short: this project might not be relevant for very long.

But hey, it was my first website build; it was a big feat for me and I’m proud of it.

In 2017, Nexsys Technologies’ leadership reached out to my manager at the time and said they weren’t satisfied with their public-facing website. Their web developers and UX designers had a full workload with their product line, and they wanted the marketing team to get the ball rolling on concepts for a new website. As the lone designer in the channel of the marketing team that supported Nexsys, that conceptualization mostly fell on me.

… and then so did the wire framing, and then mocking the site up, and then finding a theme we could use to build the site, and finally building the actual site.

Needless to say, the original plan was never for me to build the entire website. Over the course of several months, I went from never having built anything more than a one-off landing page in a WYSIWYG editor, to learning WordPress and building an entire site. And to further complicate things, concerns regarding accessibility were raised about halfway through the project, which required me to rethink much of the work that had been done and quickly develop a dark color scheme for Nexsys that was WCAG/ADA compliant.

In the end though, everything came together and Nexsys had a shiny new website.

But enough about the unconventional path this project went down; here’s more screenshots:

Nexsys Website Screenshots

Nexsys Home Page