Amrock tubes and socks

… not in the attitude-sense, but actual swag items.

I don’t have a novel to write about these pieces. Our business partners needed branded swag items to send to their clients, so I got to design some socks, packaging, and a handful of other things. I enjoyed the design process, and everyone seemed satisfied with the final results.

There were two styles of sock: argyle and ankle. The ankle socks were simple enough, but tying an argyle pattern back to Amrock’s brand was a challenge. I ended up mirroring the Amrock ‘A’ to create the diamond shape that makes up the pattern. It’s a subtle detail that most probably wont notice, but I know it’s there, and that’s enough for me.


The “Seven Days Faster” tubes were a promotional bundle. It was a custom-designed tube filled with a vinyl decal with a dry erase surface, as well as pens and business cards. We wanted to play off of the stat that when working with Amrock, our audience closed orders seven days faster. What will they do with those seven extra days? I don’t know – but we gave them a calendar to map it out. Bonus point: they could use the tube as a pen holder on their desk (giving our branding up-close and personal real estate).